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Rune-ring from branches

Sale price$50.00


This ring will be handmade in your size, the creation process will take 15 business days (excluding weekends and holidays)


The cost varies depending on the number of rune rings:

1 rune: $50 each

2 runes: $40 each

3 or more runes: $30 each

To change the cost, simply add the desired number of runes to the cart.



Weight: 2 g

Material: sterling silver

Coating: oxidation



Fehu (): financial success, comfort, professional development, career growth, achievement, prosperity.

Uruz (): acquiring a new form, transformation, spiritual growth, transitioning to a new level, new world, new perspectives, and opportunities.

Thurisaz (): trials, overcoming obstacles, endurance, self-control, analysis, self-discovery, sharp changes, inner core, character fortification, resilience.

Ansuz (): eloquence, intellect, success in exams, eloquence, wisdom, inspiration, inner energy, intuition, self-confidence, attractiveness, persuasiveness.

Raido (): development, movement, journey, trip, progress.

Kenaz (): inner fire, inspiration, creative flow, revelation, light, creation, birth of ideas.

Gebo (): fruitful sincere relationships, partnership, alliance.

Wunjo (): joy, satisfaction, hope, improvement, harmony, prosperity.

Hagalaz (): abrupt changes, external force, upheaval, sudden events, testing of character, tempering, trials, destruction of the old order.

Nauthiz (): overcoming, endurance, tempering through difficulties, patience, deprivation, limitation, challenging period.

Isa (): halt, slowdown, pause before success, postponement.

Jera (): harvesting, reward, completion of a cycle, successful completion of tasks, tangible result.

Eithwaz (): protection, endurance, overcoming, positive decision.

Perthro (): intuition, mystery, exploration, search, transformation.

Algiz (): protection, divine support, connection with higher consciousness, assistance.

Sowilo (): triumph, achievement, strength, flow, energy, leadership qualities, self-confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, will to win.

Tiwaz (): struggle, well-deserved victory, resilience, determination, perseverance, courage, moral strength.

Berkana (): feminine energy, fertility, fertility, childbirth, creation, strengthening relationships, home comfort, strong family relationships, home protection, family guardian, care.

Ehwaz (): change, transformation, path.

Mannaz (): inner "self," self-analysis, introspection, self-care, setting priorities, self-belief, inner energy, reflection, intellect, self-improvement.

Laguz (): continuous flow of life, intuition, feminine energy, development, imagination, creativity, water.

Inguz (): life force, transformation, new birth, progress, development, growth.

Dagaz (): breakthrough, wish fulfillment, transformation, prosperity, the path to the dream

Odal (): home protection, life experience, housing, lineage, intellectual property, material property, family relationships.





Ring size:
Rune-ring from branches
Rune-ring from branches Sale price$50.00