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Pendant with ODIN runic script

Ціна зі знижкою$150.00


This ring will be handmade in your size, the creation process will take 20 business days (excluding weekends and holidays)



This pendant is crafted from real forest branches, cast in precious metal - sterling silver 925.

The texture of the branch relief is fully preserved down to the smallest details.

It is a runic combination, a symbol that incorporates several runes.

In this combination, the name ODIN is encrypted in the form of runes:

O - ᛟ
D - ᛞ
I - ᛁ
N - ᚾ

Odin is the supreme god in Norse mythology, the highest deity, creator of the universe, gods, and humans. This pendant is dedicated to his greatness and aimed at inspiring its wearer to achieve great things.


Material: sterling silver

Weight: 9 g

Size: 8.5 cm x 2 cm

Coating: oxidation (dark silver) or without coating (light silver) - please choose desirable coating at "coating" menu

With the pendant, you will receive a strong and high-quality stainless steel chain.

Pendant with ODIN runic script
Pendant with ODIN runic script Ціна зі знижкою$150.00