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about me

My name is Hanna, and I am a jeweler from Ukraine. My hometown is Makiivka, which has been occupied by russia for the past 9 years.

For two years of my life, I lived in occupation. Art became my salvation and a world where I escaped from war and occupation.

Now I’ve been living and working in Kyiv for 7 years.


Kyiv, 2022

How I Became a Jeweller

My path as an artist began as a way to cope with the surrounding horrors.

Life in occupation is terrifying -constantly fearing for your life, your family, the destruction of your home, or the confiscation of property.

Back then, I was still attending school. At that time, postal services, bank cards, and store shelves had already ceased to function rapidly in the city.

Finding materials for creativity was challenging. However, my strong desire to create jewelry led me to work with polymer clay and epoxy resin.

I crafted pieces that paid homage to nature. I have a deep love for nature and the forest - a place where I could forget about problems and find solitude in peace.

I worked with dried flowers, leaves, and moss.



Guitar mediators. Dried flowers, leaves, epoxy



My favorite place in Makiivka, 2016



Pendant with dry flowers. Flowers, wood, epoxy



Plugs with wildflowers. Wildflowers, epoxy

All herbs from these works I collected in Makiivka. This was my last herbs-collection from home

Later, I managed to move to Kyiv to enroll in university and continue my work there.

I entered the university to study graphic design. However, I found the education system and level disheartening, deciding not to waste my time on it.

Moreover, the university hindered my creative path, and graphic design turned out to be uninteresting for me.

One day, I woke up with the realization that jewelry-making was my path. It was an absolute certainty and the knowledge that this was exactly what I was meant to do.

It was strange because, although I crafted accessories from epoxy, the idea of pursuing it as a profession jeweller hadn't crossed my mind.

I can't explain it, but it was like knowledge that suddenly appeared in my mind, so loud and all-encompassing that I couldn't think of anything else.

I withdrew from the university, then found a private jewelry workshop.

For 1.5 years, I studied the fundamental jewelry techniques. After that, I began teaching students on my own.

Every day, I continue to learn because the jeweler's path is a lifelong journey. It takes decades to fully grasp the depth and complexity of this craft - that's what excites me!

I have been practicing jewelry for 7 years now - thousands of hours of work, hundreds of clients, and thousands of created pieces.

my team


I started my journey alone, but now "Lisova Jewelry" is two people - me and my husband Anatolii.

I taught him the art of jewelry-making, and now we work together.

In my brand, he handles organizational duties—management, communication with clients and intermediaries, organization and coordination of work processes, order and task tracking.

Meanwhile, I focus on the creative side—directly working on jewelry, developing new models, engaging in photo and video shooting, managing social media, advertising, and running the stores.

All the photos and videos of jewelry you see on this website were taken by me. I also make the jewelry boxes myself because I love engaging in this craft and everything related to it.

My husband Anatolii, besides assisting me, has his own jewelry brand where he independently creates jewelry. They are stylistically similar to mine but more vivid. If you're interested, you can explore his art: Eternal Wanderer Jewelry

Why I Chose jewelry art

I love learning and delving into details, and jewelry-making is all about details in their purest form. Since childhood, I have been involved in drawing and sculpting, so I simply continue to do what I've always done - to be an artist and create something new.

Jewelry-making encompasses hundreds of diverse techniques, and this knowledge base can be expanded throughout a lifetime, which is precisely what I intend to do. This, without exaggeration, is the purpose and meaning of my life.

For me, it's more than just ornaments and accessories. They are unique talismans that tell and preserve the stories of entire generations!

About My Art

Philosophy and Meanings

I perceive each piece of jewelry as a talisman. It's important for me to imbue each work with meaning and energy; they feel alive to me, and the creation process is like real magic.

My creations express human strength, uniqueness, and individuality. They embody the courage to reveal one's true self - a material representation of your soul and life values.

They are vessels for your story and the stories of generations to come - family relics, precious artifacts filled with significant meanings. And, of course, they represent aesthetics and luxury.

Style and Inspiration

Nature is my primary source of inspiration.

I can endlessly contemplate buds on forest branches, small flowers, autumn leaves swaying in the wind.

I adore the forest; it's my source of strength. Hence, my creative pseudonym is "Lisova," a Ukrainian word translating roughly to "born in the forest."

I'm fascinated by natural textures - mountain surfaces, lava, tree bark, earth, water.

It's the perfect balance and harmony, peace, and connection with something ancient, mighty, and profound. In my work, I use real natural elements - branches and flowers cast in silver, natural textures, and other natural objects.

Rings with raw quartz crystals and silver forest branches

Pendant with an imprint of lavender flowers

Pendant with ammonite shells, cast in silver

Earrings with delicate silver forest branches and raw quartz crystals

Pendant with natural pyrite, entwined with forest branches, cast in silver

Rings with runes, crafted from silver branches

Runic script made of massive silver branches

Ring with a massive natural labradorite and rocky texture

Ring with a detailed imprint of a leaf relief

Ring with imprints of real small leaves

Style and Inspiration


Another significant inspiration is reptiles. I just love them. Since childhood, I dreamed of an iguana, and instead of a plush bear, I had a plush snake.

I especially love snakes, they are incredibly enchanting and aesthetic creatures. Their grace and fluid movements captivate me.

My husband and I have two children - snake children, to be precise.

They are royal python Freyr (white) and royal Mexican snake Freyja (black). We named them after Norse gods, as both appreciate Norse mythology.

Therefore, among my works, you can also find pieces featuring runes. For example, runes and runic staves made from real forest branches.

my snakes

I'm also inspired by medieval and Gothic motifs. During stone setting in my works, I often use the milgrain technique - micro granules along the setting. This artistic technique is often found in medieval jewelry.

In general, I explore life, analyze, reflect, and this reflection is reflected in my works. So, my creations are not limited to specific themes.

working methods

Technique and ancient traditions

I work exclusively by hand, without using 3D techniques.

I enjoy manually processing every millimeter of the piece, constantly refining my technique and feeling the relief of precious metal.

I emphasize detailing in my work, so I almost always work under a microscope.

I also believe that a product created by human hands is filled with soul and strength. Moreover, this method of creating jewelry is considered the most challenging, allowing the craftsman to demonstrate virtuosity in jewelry techniques. Such pieces have special value.

I've always been attracted to complex challenges, so in jewelry-making, it helped me find myself in intricate pieces and techniques.

My Goal as an Artist

To create special memorable pieces that will convey important meanings, help people preserve their history

To help people preserve their history, remember the essential

To express people's uniqueness and identity

Impact of War on My Art

On February 24, 2022, Russia initiated a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

On 22.02.2022, my husband and I had our wedding. On 24.02.2022, we woke up to explosions - russia was bombing us with missiles.

We stayed in Ukraine. Our honeymoon was spent in the basement, hiding from rockets.

Now I live in Kyiv.

In Kyiv, it's safer than in frontline cities, but russians regularly launch massive attacks with kamikaze drones and missiles, so we often have to go to the bomb shelter.

On my way to the workshop, I pass through a residential building with a hole from a drone.

At night, I often hear explosions. In May 2023, attacks happened almost every night, and the entire Ukraine didn't sleep for a month.

During the winter of 2022-2023, we experienced blackouts - no light, water, electricity, or the internet.

Only darkness and cold. The russians severely damaged our energy infrastructure.

Russian crimes can be discussed at length - mentioning Bucha, the terrorist attack on the Kakhovka reservoir, the murder of war-prisoners in Olenivka, constant nuclear blackmail etc.

November 2022

Working during the blackout without electricity.

November 2022

My neighborhood during the blackout

Photo from the news, June 2023

People sleeping in the metro during another rocket attack on Kyiv

Photo from the news, June 2023

Flooded city after the russian terrorist act - the explosion of the Kakhovska Hydroelectric Power Station

Khreshchatyk, Kyiv. My photo, June 2023

Memorial in memory of those killed by russians. One flag - one life

Their crimes number in the tens of thousands of episodes, and it can be talked about endlessly.

And I speak about this in my works. Through my creations, I also tell our story. Overall, my works have become more vivid and energetically charged.

I know the value of life, and I appreciate the opportunity to work. I have hands, a workspace, and I'm grateful for that.

I highly value it because I can lose it at any moment.

I can definitely say that my works have become more meaningful and powerful. 

Such a challenging experience tempers one's character. You either become stronger or perish.

I'm alive and I continue my journey.