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Dualis Snake Pendant

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The two-headed snake is an ancient symbol that has various interpretations in different cultures and periods of history.

Dualism and opposites. The two heads of the snake represent opposites and dualism in various aspects of life, such as good and evil, light and darkness, life and death.

Connection and merging. The connection between different realities, planes, or worlds, as well as their merging into one whole.

Protection. In some cultures, the two-headed snake is considered a powerful talisman or symbol of protection against negative energies or intruders.

Wisdom and knowledge. The snake symbolizes wisdom and knowledge in many traditions. The two-headed snake represents two sides of wisdom or two sources of knowledge.

Cyclicity and eternity. The two-headed snake reflects the idea of cyclicity or eternity, where the end and the beginning are the same, and life continues in an endless cycle.


Material: sterling silver

Weight: 9.5

Coating: oxidation 

With the pendant, you will receive a strong and high-quality stainless steel chain.