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Sword-Pendant with 2 mm Stone

Sale price$230.00


This ring will be handmade in your size, the creation process will take 12 business days (excluding weekends and holidays)



The pendant was inspired by Gothic swords from the late 13th century. During this period, a new type of sword with thinner blades emerged.

I added my own touch with a fantasy-shaped hilt and a 2mm stone in a bezel setting with milgrain, reminiscent of the Middle Ages.

Now, let's talk about symbolism.

The sword symbolizes power, strength, leadership, justice, dignity, and intellect.

It is considered a symbol of vitality.

The sword is the element of air, embodying speed and sharpness of mind, penetration.

As a talisman, the sword is meant to help its owner feel confidence and strength, think clearly, make right decisions, better absorb information, and enhance learning ability.

It's a jewel for strong individuals who respect the notion of justice and possess leadership qualities.


Material: sterling silver

Weight: 6 g

Size: 9 cm x 2.3 cm

Coating: oxidation (dark silver) or without coating (light silver) - please choose desirable coating at "coating" menu

Stone: round stone in a diamond cut, diameter 2 mm - please choose desirable stone in “stone” menu 

With the pendant, you will receive a strong and high-quality stainless steel chain.

Sword-Pendant with 2 mm Stone
Sword-Pendant with 2 mm Stone Sale price$230.00